Dealing with Mommy-guilt

Alright, so it’s week 1 of me returning to work and already the mommyguilt is setting in. Well, maybe “mommyguilt” is the wrong word, I’m not sure.

I thought I could do it all! And boy was I wrong!

  • Back to work (Check √)
  • Great daycare (Check √)
  • New courses for work (Check √)
  • Steady Blog and Instagram posts (Check √)
  • Keeping the house in order (Check …..)
  • Taking care of Dianna as she’s sick (Ch….)
  • Not sleeping any….. oh SH!!!!!!T!

Everything went wrong in just 4 days…

Right… so my plan worked for about 4 days and then completely broke down. Dianna has been sick the last 2 nights (only) and I’ve slept for maybe 4 hours in total.

I’ve had to call in to work taking a “kid-sick day x 2”, so of course no daycare, thankfully I haven’t missed any courses (but did miss 2 days of intro at my work! ARGH!), trying to blog…. but no brainpower, house is a complete mess, Dianna is priority no. 1!…. and sleep what is that again???

And I have such guilt for being a mommy and putting my baby first. I know my coworkers depend on me as well and my boss too – but I just can’t satisfy everyone.


So I had a good cry on my husbands shoulders… a BIG cup of coffee, called work and made a new plan with my boss, took a deep breath…

and reminded myself that I am only human and that I am good enough!

I hate it when my baby's sick! ;(

What do you do, when the mommy guilt is overwhelming you??