A beautiful and simple salad

When it comes to taste, there is nothing quite as good as the simple choice sometimes. Actually most of the time I prefer “simple”.

Over-seasoned food and especially salads are a no-go for me! That is why I love fruits in salads. They add freshness and a bit of sweetness, but never a really strong, piercing taste.

My work is really taking off at the moment, and last week was one of those weeks, where I wasn’t home for ONE SINGLE DINNER! Not really ideal, as I really want my baby to grow up with mommys homecooked food, but you win some, you lose some and I know it’s temporary (and if it’s not – promise you’ll remind me of what I just said!?!)

My husband came up with a great idea…

Here in Denmark we have a couple of different cateringservices that offer prepackaged mealplans and one of the companies Aarstiderne (= meaning “The Seasons”, because they cater to the seasons) offer some great organic mealplans. I had mentioned to try it a couple of times during my maternity leave, because I wanted some more us-time, but the timing never seemed to fit…

…and then he just did it! He ordered a mealbox saturday and yesterday it came.

The food looks delicous!!! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice I put up a picture when I opened the box of veggies. I have NEVER – and I mean never seen such mouthwatering greens – full of color and even scentful.

Veggies from "Aarstiderne", a danish catering company that makes organic mealplans amoungst other things.

Today was fish day, some fantastic fried fresh (flat) fish, with small boiled potatoes and a heartsalad and sourcream dressing. Simple and delicous!

Pennie’s simple salad a la Aarstiderne

Serves 2 hungry people as a sidedish

heart salad



handful of walnuts

How to:

It’s really simple: Cut the stem off the heart salad and place in wedges on a plate.

Slice the fennel and pear very thinly (I used a grater and set it on the lowest setting)

Toss in a handful of nuts


As a dressing I make a simple one with :

Lemon peel, lemon juice, honey, olive oil, cider vinegar and some salt and pepper.

The pears add a great sweetness!


I would never have thought to serve this salad with fish, but it fits very nicely I must say!

Delicious heart salad with pear, fennel and walnuts. Simple and delicious! Salad, homemade, healthy eating, lowcarbhighfat, clean eating, nuts, greens everyday. www.pennnylane.dk


What would you serve as a sidedish for a fish-dish??