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How to start daycare right!

The date of disaster is nearing!!!!…..

Just kidding… or well kind of. For me the date of disaster is coming closer. I know it’s not really DISASTER, but it stings a little to know, that it won’t be me putting Dianna down for naps or feeding her lunch and enjoying her wonderous smile all day. I am really going to miss her!!

BUT that being said, I can sense that she is ready for more stimulation. She loves it when we visit her daycare-mother Helle and she loves interacting with other children – she is ready! It’s just mommy here who’s having a tough time getting ready to let go.

How do you give your children the best start of daycare? To see how I handle it, visit my blog:

One of the things that really eases my mind though, is that she is going to be in a household, loving environment, and Helle has made a great plan to start her in the daycare, so it won’t overwhelm her.

The first day was today, and we came early in the morning at 7.30 and stayed to play, and left when it was time for her first nap, just around 9.00; so not too long. We’ve been to visit a couple times, and Dianna loves it and today was no exception. 🙂

If you are looking for a well-thought out plan of how to start daycare right – look no further!


How to give your child the best start in daycare

First day: New surroundings

How do you start your child in daycare - what are the best steps to take? Read my blog and get inspired,

Your child and you need to become accustom to the daycare surroundings, other children and caregiver. You will come for a short visit in the morning, when your child is fed and rested. The visit should last from a ½ to 2 hours, and you’ll stay and play with the other children. It’s important that you stay for as long as your child is having fun, so it will be a good experience for your child and the other children as well.

Second day: Learning that mom/dad will come back

Today you come inside and play for a while, until your child is calm and having fun (this takes about 10 to 30 minutes). Then you say goodbye and leave. It’s important that you say a proper goodbye, so your child knows that you are going and will be gone. You will be gone from anywhere of 10 minutes to an hour, and in this periode we’ll be in close contact via text message, so you’ll know how it’s going. I will call you when it’s time to come back.

Third day: Learning to say goodbye

Children need to learn to say goodbye to mommy and daddy, and that they will come again to collect them. It's an important step in my guide to a great start en daycare. To read more about it, visit my blog:

This time you won’t come inside to stay. You will say goodbye in the entryway. It’s best with a short goodbye, so your child doesn’t get too upset and sad. If they start to cry, be comforted by knowing, that they will stop soon after you leave. Children get anxious and feel unsafe if you delay the goodbye, and they can feel you don’t want to say goodbye to them.

Your child will stay for a couple of hours. If your child cries a lot, I will send you a text message, when they’ve stopped, so you can feel at ease. I will call you when your child is tired and it’s naptime or if your child is VERY upset. Today your child won’t eat or sleep in the daycare. It’s therefore important you come when your child is fed and rested.

Fourth day: Eating in the daycare

Today you will arrive ½ to 1 hour before lunch, and your child will each lunch with the other children. It is normal for the child not to eat so much as usual, but your child can also be inspired by the other children and eat more then usual. We will be sure to take good time to eat. You collect your child after lunch, so you can go home and feed him/her if she didn’t eat and then put her down at naptime.

Fifth day: Sleeping in the daycare

"Sleeping in daycare"- one of the steps in my guide to a great start in daycare. To read the full guide, go to my blog:

Today you will deliver your child in the morning (at least before 10). Your child will eat lunch with the other children and sleep in the daycare afterwards, either the morning-nap or afternoon nap, depending on your childs rutines. I will send you a text message, when it’s time to collect your child. It’s important, that I be the one to take your child up from naptime, so they learn that mommy and daddy won’t arrive after they’ve slept. It will be best for the child to wake and stay and play with the other children for some time, and if possible a diaper change and some afternoon food as well, so that when you collect her, she will be rested, fed and happy.

Sixth day: All ready to go!

Your child is now ready to stay for a whole day in daycare. If it’s possible for you, it would be a good idea, to keep her days in daycare short for the second week, as she will probably be quite tired. If you are still on maternity leave, try to keep it to 3-5 hours at a time.

Helle, our daycaregiver is a mother of 4 and before she started her own business as a privat daycaregiver, she worked as a teacher for many years. What drew me towards choosing Helle’s daycare for Dianna, was that “her” children spend a lot of time outside playing in all weather, they play with instruments and enjoy music every day and she feeds them primarily organic foods. She has some great recipes on her website!

Her website is here: Helle’s organic daycare (be warned, it is in danish though!)

Helle's organic daycare - Diannas daycare. To read more about it and her guidelines to a good start for your child in daycare, visit my blog:

Now I am not saying that this is the only way to start daycare right – but it sounds like a great plan to me! What do you think?

I will let you know how it went next week – so stay tuned!!

What would be your best advice for other mothers, whose child is starting daycare/childcare?

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  1. Allways trust your own instinct when you choose a caretaker for your child. Everything you want to know should be answered satisfying.
    If you fell relaxed, then your Child will to.
    Thank you for trusting me your gold.
    Love from
    The daycaremom

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