New Years Eve

My husband and I have an arrangement with some friends of ours, and we always spend New Years Eve together – or well we have done at least the last 3 years and this will be the 4 th. This year we have invited a 3 rd family along and some of our single girlfriends – and we will be all of 14 people; 8 adults and (yikes!) 6 children, 2 dogs and a partridge in a peartree….

In Denmark our Queen adresses the nation at 18.00 and it’s customary to see her speech on TV and it kinda kickstarts NYE for most families.

The danish queen giving her new years speech. To read more about my new years traditions, visit my blog at:

This year we will be serving:


Tuna-mousse with homebaked rolls


Main course

Beef filet with roasted potatoes, mushroom sauce, roasted green beans and a cabbage salad

(brian makes a killer mushroom sauce – and i’ll be sure and get the recipe on here asap! – but beware, lots and lots of cream!)



White chocolate mousse with berries

Delicious white chocolate mousse with berries. Our traditional dessert for New Years eve. What are you having for New Years Eve?


Late night snack

Tapas with cheese and veggies.


We, as hosts, prepare the food and people bring their preferred drinks; red or white wine, spirits or beer or even soda… (!!) hehe

We all have children, so there’s no drinking til the break of dawn, but we have good fun and the kids enjoy eachothers company.


The Parcel Game

Every year we each bring a parcel, and we play a parcel-game after dinner. We roll a dice (sometimes 2), and anyone who rolls a “6”, can pick a parcel from the table. After all parcels have been distriputed, we start a random timer (usually we put some random eggtimer on), and we roll again. This time if you roll a “6”, you can pick a parcel from anybody at the table. When the eggtimer rings – you get to keep the parcels in front of you. It’s great fun and sometimes it gets very competative and 1 or 2 parcels are very much in demand….

I can highly recommend it as a party game – especially with children


Another New Years tradition of mine is buying a new dress. I don’t spend very much money on clothes or personal items during the year – but for New Years I splurge a little on myself. However I always buy something, that I know I will use again during the year – so not something over the top… (for the most part…)

Here are a couple that I’ve got my eye on at the moment

New Years Eve dresses from ASOS that I am considering buying for NYE 2017. To read more about my new year traditions, visit my blog at

I absolutely LOVE ASOS and their CURVE and plus size collection. I feel that they are one for the frontrunners for letting plussize women wear fasionable clothing, without having to look old or too covered up. Their clothing is feminine, pretty and trendy. I’ve bought from their online shop a couple of times, and have never been dissatisfied. Also they have just started to offer free returns in Denmark!!! Very nice!

1./ 2. /3. /4.

 5. / 6. / 7.

8. / 9.

I really really like the white dress – nr. 2 – but I just know that it would only be white for about 20 min. and then I would have spilled something or Dianna would smudge her hands on it somehow… so that’s not really an option… but hey a girl can dream, right hehe

I think it’s going to be nr. 6 or 8…. but I just can’t decide….


Which is your favorite?

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