Hungarian Gullasch Stew(p)

The weather here in Denmark at the moment is just perfect for slow-cooked, simmerfood;

Soups and Stews…. or Stewps as I say!

And this is one of my favorites! It’s best when it can be cooked over a campfire by the way, which I highly recommend! The smokey flavour from the fire, just makes it more yummy!

Hungarian Gullasch Stewp!

4 servings (+ lunch the next day)



800g Beef
Bacon (aprox. 1 package – but use what you feel like!)
2 diced onions
250 g diced mushrooms
2-3 diced carrots
½ diced celeriac
2 diced red or yellow peppers
8 x garlic
1-3 finely chopped chilies or 2 teaspoons of smoked chili-paste like Chum chum (or both if you like it spicy!)
2 dl. redwine
0,5 liter beef stock
2 laurel leaves
½ teaspoon of cumin
Salt & pepper
1 can of tomatopuré
1 dl. sourcream
Chopped parsley to sprinkle over the dish before serving


How to:

Fry the bacon in pieces on the frying pan and let the fat drip off.

Fry the beef on the frying pan in the leftover baconjuices along with the paprika. If you have different kinds of paprika, use a mix of both sweet and spicy, and let the beef marinade in it.

Fry the onion and garlic until it’s see-through with a bit of color. Add the mushrooms and red peppers.


Lots of garlic, onions, yellow peppers and mushrooms are some of the ingredients in my wonderful Hungarian Gullasch Stew. To get the recipe, visit my blog:


Dice the carrots and celeriac and add to the mixture.

(You can also add some diced potatoes – although your Stewp won’t be quite so Lowcarb)

Add the redwine, broth, laurels, cumin, salt & pepper and the tomato puré.

Let it simmer for 2-3 hours and serve with bread, a dollop of sourcream and a sprinkle of parsley!


My Hungarian Gullasch Stew, a great winter dish to warm you up during these cold months. Get the recipe on my blog:


What is your favorite winter dish??

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