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Homemade presents for grandparents

My parents are insanely generous and as wonderful as it is to be on the recieving end – it’s sometimes hard as well. With my husband going back to school, our economic situation doesn’t really allow for us to give them big presents – but I try to find other ways to express our appreciation of them and all they do for us.

This year I made an advent calendar from Dianna to them.

Advent is derived from latin, and means “coming” or ” to come” and is the season that leads up to both the Pagan tradition of celebrating the return of the Sun; and the Christian tradition of celebrating the birth of God’s son, Jesus. The 1. advent falls on the 4th sunday before the winter solstice. 

My mom made an extremely over-the-top giftcalendar for Dianna both last year AND this year and I wanted to let them know that we really appreciate it. She put loads of my favorite clothing brand (Molo!!!!) for Dianna and toys for her in there – stuff she knows we could never afford to buy for her.

The last month or so, I have been pinning like crazy on Pinterest for presents for grandparents, so if you’re searching for inspiration, try to have a look at my board here…

My gift pinterest board

However all my pinning ended with this result:


1. Advent

They always buy these for their grandchildren but NEVER indulge themselves, so we bought them their favorite advent calendar with sweets.

haribo advent calendar - what i bought for my parents as first advent presents. To see the full advent calendar gift selection, visit my blog:
For my dad who loves jelly sweets


Liquorice advent calendar for my mother. To see the full advent calendar for grandparents visit my blog at:
For my mother, who loves liquorice!



2. Advent

My dad had a real sweet-tooth and always has some candy lying around – so we took a glas jar with a porcelain lid and wrote “Grandpa’s candy” on it. Sadly I forgot to take a picture of ours – but the inspiration came from this picture…Grandpa's candy jar - the second present in my advent calendar for grandparents. To see the full advent calendar, visit my blog:



My mother tho – loves her wine and so I bought her favorite kind and switched out the label with my own.

Second advent calendar gift in my grandparents advent calendar. To see the full advent calendar, visit my blog at:

Second advent calendar gift in my grandparents advent calendar. To see the full advent calendar, visit my blog at:
Served cold and to be enjoyed after a tough day of babysitting. Love you grandma, hugs from Dianna

3. Advent

My father collects T-shirts – every concert or place he’s been, he’s always sure to buy the T-shirt, and so I thought I would make him his very own Grandpa’s T-shirt. We ordered it from Vistaprint and put this wonderful picture of my dad with his two grandchildren on it.

Third advent calendar present for grandpa, a t-shirt with this picture on it from Vistaprint. To see the full advent calendar, visit my blog:
Grandkids make life more grand!


I knew my mother wanted a hand or footprint for her wall (she has a wall full of family memrobilia), so we made this artwork for her.

Third advent present for grandma. To see the full adventcalendar visit my blog at:



4. Advent

This time it was my fathers turn to have something to hang in his home office


I love you grandpa! The best kid-made diy presents for grandparents. To find more ideas for diy gifts, visit my blog:



I made a calendar with home pictures of my niece Annabella her first year and my mother loved that – so I thought I would do it again, but this time with Diannas pictures. Again I ordered it at Vistaprint, (who at the moment have 50% on their calendars by the way!)

I thought it was such a great gift, I ordered 4, so both great grandmothers could get one as a christmas present and my sister, Diannas godmother as well. It’s such a lovely gift and a great way to have nice personal pictures on the wall, that can still serve a purpose too.

Christmas present for grandparents - a calendar with baby pictures. They will love it!!! To see more ideas for gifts and christmas diy's, visit my blog:
“A Year full of Dianna”



The advent calendar was a BiG hit – and it just goes to show; you don’t need to spend a lot of money, it’s the thought that counts!

What are your favorite kid-made grandparent gifts??


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