Day 4 of my Declutter challenge: How to declutter your kitchen!

Declutter your home DAY 3

Today I have enlisted some help. Our kitchen is quite big and holds alot of storage space, and I really wanted to get it all done, so my dear hubby was only too happy to help! He is very practical and usually doesn’t get to help me “design” the kitchen space, so this time he jumped at the oppertunity. And I must say he had some very good ideas – things I hadn’t thought of myself.


So my first tip for decluttering is definetly, do it with someone else! They may see things from an entirely different perspective then you and that can be incredibly helpful! Brian had some good ideas to make the flow in the kitchen more natural – for example all coffee-things by the coffee maker, my baking stuff in drawers close to each other and so on. It freed up alot of counter space and we even got a whole cupboard for Diannas things now! I can’t believe we didn’t do this earlier!

We got rid of 2 whole bags!!! TWO?!? (and yes there are still things left in our cupboards) 🙂

Are you tired of your cluttered house? Follow my guide to declutter your home in 4 days.

I LOVE my kitchen now. Actually it’s one of the places in the house I spend most time (next to my bed!), so of course it’s important that it’s well organized and feels spacious. I try not to have too many appliances at any given time, simply because I know that in the long run we won’t use them. My husband LOVES buying new fancy machines though.

The one appliances I absolutely couldn’t live without is my Kitchenaid!! Next to brian, it’s my true love!

What is your favorite kitchen appliance?

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