Want a cleaner, more tidy home? Follow my guide on how to declutter your home in 4 days. This is day 2 and we're decluttering the Bathroom. www.pennnylane.dk

Declutter your home – Day 2

Alright! Yesterday I tackled my wardrobe and today it’s my bathrooms turn. I am soooo bad at throwing things out – even actual garbage. We’re talking empty containers of creams and deoderants. They just sit in the cupboard taking up space. Well – no more!

I find it very important to be organized in my bathroom. We don’t have much storage space, so every inch counts.


I bought a couple of small baskets for bobby pins, scrunchies and all the small stuff that goes everywhere if you’re not careful, and I try to organize things together in the cupboards, for example one cupboard for hair products, one for body products and so on. We have two drawers close to the toilet, and that is where I keep lady-products like sanitary pads, tampons and of course toilet paper (Noone wants to have to run around after that when it’s needed!)

We each have a drawer, but my husband doesn’t really need one. He just has his toothbrush, shaver, deoderant and 1 perfume… talk about low maintinence! And I don’t complain, as I get alot of space. But now with a little girl growing up, I’m sure that will change soon.

There are many ways to declutter the bathroom, I decided however to go cupboard by cupboard. And boy was I ruthless!! I am a sample collector and I had quite the collection, but somehow I never really get them used, so again they just sit there, taking up space. All gone now!! (pat on my back!)

Another way to declutter can be to take everything out of the cupboards and start all over organizing them. This could help to give you a new perspective of what does where. If I had more time, I would have liked to do this, but oh well, that will have to be for next maternity leave hehe

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The bathroom is one of those places where I am so strict – I hate clutter in my bathroom and everything should have a space! Our bathroom is quite small, so organization is key.

What do you do to keep your bathroom organized??

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