Declutter your home in 4 days!

This is the year, I feel it! This is the year I finally declutter the house!

I won’t say that we’re hoarders, we just have a lot of stuff! We see function and possibility in everything, and that just makes it tough to get rid of it because:

You know with a little new paint or varnish, this chair could be brand new…

This lamp might be needed in the future – better hold on to it….

Does this sound familiar? I bet we’re not the only ones.

Of course with only 5 days left of my maternity leave, I have plenty of time to get it done before going back to work. (read with a very sarcastic voice!) To make it simple, I decided to focus on one area of the house for each day left.


Trying to be more tidy - well a good way to start is with a total decluttering of your house. I did my whole house in just 4 days - go to my blog to read how:

I feel like I am constantly washing clothes, but they never end up in the closet, because there’s simply NO ROOM! So the clothes just sit on the sideboard table and we get our clothes from there, instead of going to the closet and then I wash the clothes again!?!…A stupid stupid circle!

So in hopes of finally using our actual closets again, I decided it was time to say goodbye to the clutter! You know, I still had clothes in my closet from my TEENS?!?! It was way past time for a good purge.

If you’re having a New Years purge too, here are 12 ideas for things to get rid off in your wardrobe.


12 things to get rid of in your wardrobe! My guide to decluttering your closet for the new year!

Most of all, be honest with yourself.

Are you really going to use this item again or are you just holding on to it?

I really have a hard time letting things go, but today I am quite proud of myself. I filled a whole bag for donation and another to toss.

Now my wardrobe is full of things I actually wear – and there’s even room for a new piece or two!!

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