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Checklist: Ways to soothe your baby

It has been a tough couple of weeks…. phew…

Dianna has turned 8 months and has up til now slept like… well like a baby! But suddenly she is more aware of me and her daddy, that we are independent from her and have our own will. We can move away from her – and we can stay away (of course we wouldn’t!!) and we can come back. And so she wants to keep us in sight at all times!

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Boy is it exhausting… but it makes you creative and voila… I have this great post for you… because my trials are for your benefit!


Ways to soothe your baby

First of all, there are 4 things to always check, if your baby is fussy:

Baby’s basic needs

  1. Is baby hungry?
  2. Does baby need to be burped?
  3. Is there a dirty diaper?
  4. Is baby tired?

If all of these are out of the question… I ask myself

Is my baby in good health?

Does your baby have trouble with gas?

  • Cycle baby’s legs while she lies on her back
  • Lay your baby across your knees and rub her back
  • Give her a gentle oil massage on her stomach, always rubbing from (your) left to right in circle
  • Ask your pediatrician about using infant gas drops

Does your baby have a fever?

  • Check baby’s temperature
  • Ask your pediatrcian about using infant pain reliever (paracetemol)

Is your baby having teething pain?

  • Offer your baby a teething ring, soft toothbrush or something cold.

I like to keep some pacifiers in the freezer – it helps her sore gums!

  • Ask your pediatrician about using teething gel for babies


If everything is fine with my baby’s health, I wonder….

Does baby want to cuddle?

  • Hold your baby close, skin-to-skin
  • Wear your baby in a wrap or carrier
  • Offer baby a pacifier
  • Swaddle your baby

Is baby comfortable?

  • Check baby’s temperature – is she too hot or too cold?
  • Undress baby, incase a clothing tag or material is bothering her
  • Go outside and get some fresh air
  • Maybe baby is over-stimulated; stop eye-contact, remove toys and other stimuli, dim the lights
  • Maybe baby is under-stimulated; talk and interact with baby, show baby toys and household items

Maybe baby wants to move?

  • Gently bounce or swing your baby
  • Take baby for a walk in the baby carrier
  • Place baby in a swing or bouncy chair
  • Go for a car ride

Maybe baby wants some sound?

  • Play some music or sing to baby
  • Turn on some “white noise” – tv or vacuum cleaner
  • Make a “shushing” noise close to baby’s ear


There are a million other things to try -and some days nothing seems to work. Try to listen to your intuition.

Babies are like us – we have good and bad days too. They have to learn so much in such a little time! It must be exhausting!!! (just like being a mom!) 🙂 and some days they are just fussy without reason…

However, if you’ve tried this checklist repeatedly and your baby still is fussy – I would talk to my pediatrician, just to rule out any medical issue.


Do you have any tips I need to add to my checklist??

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