All that left-over Oatmeal…

The first couple of months of Dianna starting to eat porridges and oatmeal – Oh my Goodness did alot go to waste – and I really mean ALOT!

And not only because she threw it everywhere (but her mouth)… but also because she was a bit of a fussy eater and sometimes just didn’t want to eat breakfast.

(Mommy would of course cave and giver her a bottle… hence it went on for quite a while!!)

After starting daycare and her daycare mother giving me some much needed advice on her diet, I have started to be more strict and not offer her a bottle and of course she has started eating her porridge! Although sometimes my portionsize is still a bit off, and quite a bit is left.

I mostly make oatmeal, because it’s easy to make and (in my opinon) tastes great!

But I have since found some great recipes to make use of all that left-over oatmeal!


Leftover Oatmeal Buns

Yields: 10-12

3-4 dl of lukewarm water



Leftover oatmeal

Raisins (sometimes I have it in the oatmeal already)

Vegetable oil

Flour (wholewheat or plain – up to you!)

Leftover-oatmeal buns. Tired of having all that oatmeal go to waste, because your baby's not eating it? Here is a great way to make use of it - bake some oatmeal buns for lunch!

Pour the lukewarm water into your baking bowl. (NB! It’s important that it’s lukewarm, as the heat helps activate the yeast so your buns rise!)

Add the yeast and stir until it’s dissolved.

Add the left-over oatmeal (and raisins)

Leftover-oatmeal buns. Tired of having all that oatmeal go to waste, because your baby's not eating it? Here is a great way to make use of it - bake some oatmeal buns for lunch!

Add the salt, oil and finally the flour

Knead until it has the consistency you want.

Let the dough rise for about 1 hour. (If you’re in a hurry less can do as well)

Make into small buns and bake at 180 degrees celcius for aprox. 20 min.

Leftover-oatmeal buns. Tired of having all that oatmeal go to waste, because your baby's not eating it? Here is a great way to make use of it - bake some oatmeal buns for lunch!

Dianna simply LOVES these with butter and cheese or simply just as they are.

A great and healthy snack for you and your child, especially if you bake them with some wholewheat flour or even rye.

And the best thing is – nothing’s going to waste!!!

Leftover-oatmeal buns. Tired of having all that oatmeal go to waste, because your baby's not eating it? Here is a great way to make use of it - bake some oatmeal buns for lunch!

Declutter your home DAY 4

Day 4 of my "How to declutter your home in 4 days" - guide. Go to my blog and see the full guide for free.

Day 4 is finally here, we’re almost done! We’ve tackled the wardrobe, the bathroom, the kitchen and now your WORKSPACE!

I am a fanatic hoarder when it comes to my workspace. I’m actually a very orderly person, EXCEPT when it comes to this place. I somehow find energy in being surrounded by a “little” chaos. I know, sounds crazy! But there is such a thing as organized chaos, I swear! I know exactly where everything is!!

But because I am going back to work after a long maternity leave (1 whole year!!! – where did the time go?!?), it was crucial for me that my workspace was tidy and ready for me to go back to work.

Last year my husband remodelled our upstairs. We wanted more room, so he moved our staircase from the front of our house to the middel so we could utilize room in both ends of the house. And in doing so he freed up room to make a great work-from-home space for me (and a study area for himself!). It’s amazing and I’m very happy with it. The only downside is there isn’t much storage space, so I have 2 halfsized bookshelves and 2 drawers for ALL my stuff. And my books alone are in 8 moving boxes… sooooo…. as you can imagine it’s quite cluttered.

Not anymore! And here is how…


How to declutter your home in 4 days. This is day 4 - 12 things to get rid of in your workspace! Read my guide to a clutterfree workspace.

My workspace was full of bad conscience, half finished projects and they kept stopping me from starting new ones – because I felt so bad I wasn’t finished. Now my conscience is clear and I’m ready to go back to work!! Or well at least my workspace is…

It’s sad having to go back to work – but my little Dianna so LOVES her daycare, that I know it’s only me who has the problem, not her!

Still…. Wish me luck!!

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Declutter your home in 4 days!

This is the year, I feel it! This is the year I finally declutter the house!

I won’t say that we’re hoarders, we just have a lot of stuff! We see function and possibility in everything, and that just makes it tough to get rid of it because:

You know with a little new paint or varnish, this chair could be brand new…

This lamp might be needed in the future – better hold on to it….

Does this sound familiar? I bet we’re not the only ones.

Of course with only 5 days left of my maternity leave, I have plenty of time to get it done before going back to work. (read with a very sarcastic voice!) To make it simple, I decided to focus on one area of the house for each day left.


Trying to be more tidy - well a good way to start is with a total decluttering of your house. I did my whole house in just 4 days - go to my blog to read how:

I feel like I am constantly washing clothes, but they never end up in the closet, because there’s simply NO ROOM! So the clothes just sit on the sideboard table and we get our clothes from there, instead of going to the closet and then I wash the clothes again!?!…A stupid stupid circle!

So in hopes of finally using our actual closets again, I decided it was time to say goodbye to the clutter! You know, I still had clothes in my closet from my TEENS?!?! It was way past time for a good purge.

If you’re having a New Years purge too, here are 12 ideas for things to get rid off in your wardrobe.


12 things to get rid of in your wardrobe! My guide to decluttering your closet for the new year!

Most of all, be honest with yourself.

Are you really going to use this item again or are you just holding on to it?

I really have a hard time letting things go, but today I am quite proud of myself. I filled a whole bag for donation and another to toss.

Now my wardrobe is full of things I actually wear – and there’s even room for a new piece or two!!

Checklist: Ways to soothe your baby

Checklist: How to soothe your baby. Many different ways to soothe your fussy baby. Try this, it work!!! Visit my blog: to see more likeminded articles on babycare.

It has been a tough couple of weeks…. phew…

Dianna has turned 8 months and has up til now slept like… well like a baby! But suddenly she is more aware of me and her daddy, that we are independent from her and have our own will. We can move away from her – and we can stay away (of course we wouldn’t!!) and we can come back. And so she wants to keep us in sight at all times!

Get some advice on how to soothe your baby, when she's fussy. Visit my blog at:

Boy is it exhausting… but it makes you creative and voila… I have this great post for you… because my trials are for your benefit!


Ways to soothe your baby

First of all, there are 4 things to always check, if your baby is fussy:

Baby’s basic needs

  1. Is baby hungry?
  2. Does baby need to be burped?
  3. Is there a dirty diaper?
  4. Is baby tired?

If all of these are out of the question… I ask myself

Is my baby in good health?

Does your baby have trouble with gas?

  • Cycle baby’s legs while she lies on her back
  • Lay your baby across your knees and rub her back
  • Give her a gentle oil massage on her stomach, always rubbing from (your) left to right in circle
  • Ask your pediatrician about using infant gas drops

Does your baby have a fever?

  • Check baby’s temperature
  • Ask your pediatrcian about using infant pain reliever (paracetemol)

Is your baby having teething pain?

  • Offer your baby a teething ring, soft toothbrush or something cold.

I like to keep some pacifiers in the freezer – it helps her sore gums!

  • Ask your pediatrician about using teething gel for babies


If everything is fine with my baby’s health, I wonder….

Does baby want to cuddle?

  • Hold your baby close, skin-to-skin
  • Wear your baby in a wrap or carrier
  • Offer baby a pacifier
  • Swaddle your baby

Is baby comfortable?

  • Check baby’s temperature – is she too hot or too cold?
  • Undress baby, incase a clothing tag or material is bothering her
  • Go outside and get some fresh air
  • Maybe baby is over-stimulated; stop eye-contact, remove toys and other stimuli, dim the lights
  • Maybe baby is under-stimulated; talk and interact with baby, show baby toys and household items

Maybe baby wants to move?

  • Gently bounce or swing your baby
  • Take baby for a walk in the baby carrier
  • Place baby in a swing or bouncy chair
  • Go for a car ride

Maybe baby wants some sound?

  • Play some music or sing to baby
  • Turn on some “white noise” – tv or vacuum cleaner
  • Make a “shushing” noise close to baby’s ear


There are a million other things to try -and some days nothing seems to work. Try to listen to your intuition.

Babies are like us – we have good and bad days too. They have to learn so much in such a little time! It must be exhausting!!! (just like being a mom!) 🙂 and some days they are just fussy without reason…

However, if you’ve tried this checklist repeatedly and your baby still is fussy – I would talk to my pediatrician, just to rule out any medical issue.


Do you have any tips I need to add to my checklist??

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Baby and mommy yoga

Help your baby understand her body with babyyoga. How I learned to enjoy yoga and it helped me connect with my daughter. To read more visit my blog at:

I have never really gotten the yoga-craze. I mean I have several girlfriends who do it – but I just never really understood it! That was, until I became a mother!

Dianna is really big – well I mean long! She is 7 months now – but wears clothes for a 1 year old, because she’s so tall!

That being said, she is also a bit slow in her development (not late tho – just a bit slower). I think a part of it, is because of her looooong body. It’s hard to control long limbs and it requires more strength as well.

So in an effort to help her a long the best I can – a mother in my maternity-group suggested I try “Baby and mommy yoga”.

And you know what?!?…. It’s AMAZING!

Now I have never been the most coordinated or athletic person (I can just hear my husband laughing at that comment…), but even I can do this!

It’s easy and so relaxing (some of the time) and best of all – Dianna loves it as well! We really connect on another level during some of these exercises 🙂

Our economy isn’t really well enough for me to pay for classes or travel somewhere like in a gym to go to a class… sooo what do you do?!

Youtube !!! 😉

If you search “Baby yoga” – a million (or so) videos will appear.

My faves so far are:


Depending on Diannas mood and how long I want to carry on for, I choose between the videos.

The first is a long one, with both yoga for mom and for baby. The second is mainly focused on mommy and the last on baby.

If you haven’t tried it yet – HURRY up and do it! You will love it!


What is your favorite exercise for you and your baby to do together?


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