A week full of love

…and NO I don’t mean just for Valentines Day!
As your children grow older and more demanding, it’s especially important that you remember to spend time together as a couple and not just as a family. My experience has taught me, that to endure some of the tough times in a marriage (and yes there can be quite a bit of those too I’m afraid), then you have to take the initiative for some “everyday-moments” with your spouse and this blogpost is meant as inspiration – for you and a reminder for myself!

This next week will be full of love in our house. Partly because I’ve just started back at work and because we need to prioritize eachother more and also because I miss my hubby and want to do something special for him!

Maybe I can inspire you to do the same for your special someone?


A week full of LOVE

Monday massage:

Give your husband a nice relaxing massage. Try to avoid having the television or smartphone on and instead devote your entire attention to him. Light some candles for an intimite mood and maybe some inscents to help him relax. Make it extra special by asking him about his day and really listen!

A week full of LOVE. Give your dear hubby a nice massage! Other great ideas to make your hubby feel loved and to help your marriage endure - visit my blog: www.pennnylane.dk

Tuesday thanks:

Try to spend some time today to think about all the wonderful things your hubby does for you, that you (most likely) take for granted, and be sure and tell him thanks today – because it’s always nice to be validated and appreciated.

A week full of LOVE. Be sure and tell your hubby thanks! Everyone wants to be appreciated. Take time to tell him! To see other great ideas on how to making your marriage endure, visit my blog: www.pennnylane.dk


Wednesday treats:

Bake (or buy) a special treat for your hubby. Bake his favorite cake or make his favorite meal. Something edible to tell him, I like to spoil you and take care of you. My mother often jokes that a mans heart is reached through his stomach. Of course it isn’t entirely true, but everyone loves to be spoiled and when someone you love makes you feel special.

A week full of LOVE; make a special treat for your man to show your love. To read the entire post about spoiling your husband with a week full of LOVE, go to my blog: www.pennnylane.dk


Thursday touchy-touchy:

Every time you speak with your husband today, make sure to pay special attention to touching him. Maybe just hold his hand at times, stroke his hair, rub his shoulders, cuddle him, kiss him. Show him how much he means to you and that you love his touch.

Touch is great way to communicate desire and of course you want your hubby to feel wanted.

A week full of LOVE; Let your hubby know how much you love him. Read my post about giving him a week full of LOVE, www.pennnylane.dk


Friday Funday:

Today you are going to do an activity together – you don’t have to go out, but you have to do something together (no TV or going to the movies!) You have to interact with eachother.

Take a walk in the woods, go shopping for a nice home cooked meal, put on some music and dance together. It doesn’t have to take all day – but the idea is to spend time together on an activity.

A week full of LOVE. It's always nice to spend time together, but after a while we can get into a tired rutine. Break the rutine by reading my blogpost about a week full of LOVE for your husband. www.pennnylane.dk

Sneaky Saturday:

Plan a surprise for today! If it’s possible, arrange for the children to be somewhere else, so he can sleep in. Make him a nice breakfast (maybe in bed *wink-wink*) and let him spend all day on the couch in comfortable pants and watch his favorite movies (DieHard 1-5 or something similar) and spoil him rotten with candy, junkfood and great company! Just let him do nothing!

A week full of LOVE; Spoil your husband and let him just relax for an entire saturday! Other great ideas to spoil your husband and create a week full of LOVE, go to my blog: www.pennnylane.dk


Sunday Daze:

Today you are going to whisper sweet words to him. Tell him how wonderful he is; How much you love his body; What you love about him! Build up his confidence, so he knows for sure that he is your one true love! If for some reason you can’t be with him all day, make sure to send loving text messages to him, so he knows that he is on your mind!


It probably sounds a bit silly and it seems like it’s a lot of effort, but seriously what is one week out of a lifetime?!? Try some of the ideas or all of them and I am sure you will feel more connected to your husband and he to you.

What is your tip to making your hubby feel loved and appreciated?