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Baby and mommy yoga

I have never really gotten the yoga-craze. I mean I have several girlfriends who do it – but I just never really understood it! That was, until I became a mother!

Dianna is really big – well I mean long! She is 7 months now – but wears clothes for a 1 year old, because she’s so tall!

That being said, she is also a bit slow in her development (not late tho – just a bit slower). I think a part of it, is because of her looooong body. It’s hard to control long limbs and it requires more strength as well.

So in an effort to help her a long the best I can – a mother in my maternity-group suggested I try “Baby and mommy yoga”.

And you know what?!?…. It’s AMAZING!

Now I have never been the most coordinated or athletic person (I can just hear my husband laughing at that comment…), but even I can do this!

It’s easy and so relaxing (some of the time) and best of all – Dianna loves it as well! We really connect on another level during some of these exercises 🙂

Our economy isn’t really well enough for me to pay for classes or travel somewhere like in a gym to go to a class… sooo what do you do?!

Youtube !!! 😉

If you search “Baby yoga” – a million (or so) videos will appear.

My faves so far are:


Depending on Diannas mood and how long I want to carry on for, I choose between the videos.

The first is a long one, with both yoga for mom and for baby. The second is mainly focused on mommy and the last on baby.

If you haven’t tried it yet – HURRY up and do it! You will love it!


What is your favorite exercise for you and your baby to do together?


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