Hungarian Gullasch Stew(p)

The weather here in Denmark at the moment is just perfect for slow-cooked, simmerfood;

Soups and Stews…. or Stewps as I say!

And this is one of my favorites! It’s best when it can be cooked over a campfire by the way, which I highly recommend! The smokey flavour from the fire, just makes it more yummy!

Hungarian Gullasch Stewp!

4 servings (+ lunch the next day)



800g Beef
Bacon (aprox. 1 package – but use what you feel like!)
2 diced onions
250 g diced mushrooms
2-3 diced carrots
½ diced celeriac
2 diced red or yellow peppers
8 x garlic
1-3 finely chopped chilies or 2 teaspoons of smoked chili-paste like Chum chum (or both if you like it spicy!)
2 dl. redwine
0,5 liter beef stock
2 laurel leaves
½ teaspoon of cumin
Salt & pepper
1 can of tomatopuré
1 dl. sourcream
Chopped parsley to sprinkle over the dish before serving


How to:

Fry the bacon in pieces on the frying pan and let the fat drip off.

Fry the beef on the frying pan in the leftover baconjuices along with the paprika. If you have different kinds of paprika, use a mix of both sweet and spicy, and let the beef marinade in it.

Fry the onion and garlic until it’s see-through with a bit of color. Add the mushrooms and red peppers.


Lots of garlic, onions, yellow peppers and mushrooms are some of the ingredients in my wonderful Hungarian Gullasch Stew. To get the recipe, visit my blog:


Dice the carrots and celeriac and add to the mixture.

(You can also add some diced potatoes – although your Stewp won’t be quite so Lowcarb)

Add the redwine, broth, laurels, cumin, salt & pepper and the tomato puré.

Let it simmer for 2-3 hours and serve with bread, a dollop of sourcream and a sprinkle of parsley!


My Hungarian Gullasch Stew, a great winter dish to warm you up during these cold months. Get the recipe on my blog:


What is your favorite winter dish??

Dealing with Mommy-guilt

Alright, so it’s week 1 of me returning to work and already the mommyguilt is setting in. Well, maybe “mommyguilt” is the wrong word, I’m not sure.

I thought I could do it all! And boy was I wrong!

  • Back to work (Check √)
  • Great daycare (Check √)
  • New courses for work (Check √)
  • Steady Blog and Instagram posts (Check √)
  • Keeping the house in order (Check …..)
  • Taking care of Dianna as she’s sick (Ch….)
  • Not sleeping any….. oh SH!!!!!!T!

Everything went wrong in just 4 days…

Right… so my plan worked for about 4 days and then completely broke down. Dianna has been sick the last 2 nights (only) and I’ve slept for maybe 4 hours in total.

I’ve had to call in to work taking a “kid-sick day x 2”, so of course no daycare, thankfully I haven’t missed any courses (but did miss 2 days of intro at my work! ARGH!), trying to blog…. but no brainpower, house is a complete mess, Dianna is priority no. 1!…. and sleep what is that again???

And I have such guilt for being a mommy and putting my baby first. I know my coworkers depend on me as well and my boss too – but I just can’t satisfy everyone.


So I had a good cry on my husbands shoulders… a BIG cup of coffee, called work and made a new plan with my boss, took a deep breath…

and reminded myself that I am only human and that I am good enough!

I hate it when my baby's sick! ;(

What do you do, when the mommy guilt is overwhelming you??


Homemade Chai Latte

I LOVE Chai Lattes - how about you?? There is nothing better on a cold night or day or simply to relax and unwind. Get my recipe for a great cup of home made chai latte on my blog:

I LOVE a nice cup of Chai Latte and ordinarily I drink this one from Celestial Seasonings…

Oooooh it’s so good! Just add a little bit of milk (or cream, I dare you!!)

Mmmmm…. the best unwind, put your PJ’s on and relax kind of tea!

Today I wanted to do something extra special though. It’s been really tough starting back at work again after a great maternity leave and since we’re still trying to eat lowcarb, the usual treats for myself are no-go, so I decided to treat myself to a great homemade cup of Chai Latte.


PenNnyLane’s homemade Chai-Te-Latte:


2,5 dl Milk (about 1 cup)
2,5 dl Water (same as above!)
2 Black Darjeeling teabags

Let the tea boil for 3-4 minutes and then rest for 5 minutes.

Then add:
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
½ teaspoon of crushed ginger
½ teaspoon of crushed cardamom
2 tablespoons of brown sugar or sweetner equivalent
1 teaspoon of vanilla-sugar (or extract)

Bring the tea to a boil again for about 4-5 minutes.

Strain the spices from the tea and pour into your favorite tea-mug and ENJOY!!!
If you feel like it – add whipped cream or milkfoam and a sprinkle of cinnamon.



 Don’t waste a drop!
What is your favorite healthy treat?

Carrot, Apple & Zuccini Baby Puree

Carrot, apple and zuccini baby puree. A great first puree for your baby to try. To get the recipe and much more visit my blog:

When Dianna turned 4 months, I introduced her to this puree.

A smart woman from my maternity group told me, that the first foods I introduced to my baby first off, shouldn’t be too sweet, or my baby could get a “sweet-tooth”. She might only want to eat sweet puree’s and not the vegetable kind.

Make homemade babyfood for your baby. My delicious recipe for carrot, apple and zuccini puree is great as a first time puree for your baby.

The puree’s you can buy in the stores can keep for 24-36 hours after opening and per glas in Denmark you pay 7-8 kr (around $1). It can definetly be done cheaper, by DIY! Not to mention, you waste much less having only to make one portion at a time. (In case baby is a bit fussy…. it happens!)

I’ve pinned quite a lot of recipes from Pinterest. But mostly I go with whatever greens I have in my fridge, pretty much any combination is possible.

This is one of Dianna’s favorite puree’s though. And maybe your baby’s too!

Dianna’s first babypuree

Print Recipe
Carrot, Apple & Zuccini Baby Puree
Yummy in your Baby's tummy. A great start for introducing real food to your baby.
Carrot, apple and zuccini baby puree. A great first puree for your baby to try. To get the recipe and much more visit my blog:
Course Babyfood
Cuisine Babyfood
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Course Babyfood
Cuisine Babyfood
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Carrot, apple and zuccini baby puree. A great first puree for your baby to try. To get the recipe and much more visit my blog:
  1. I prefer to use organic vegetables, as I leave the peel on. Some would maybe prefer to peel the veggies - but they contain a lot of nutrients that are good for baby, so I leave it on.
    Carrot, apple and zuccini baby puree, a great first puree for you baby. To see the recipe and other great recipes for your family and baby, visit my blog:
  2. Wash the veggies and cut into smaller pieces.
  3. Bring to boil for 15 min. and let stand for 10 min. (Can be done in the microwave oven as well).
  4. Whiz to a puree in whatever kitchenmachine you prefer. I use my OBH Nordic staff-blender.
Recipe Notes

Instead of investing in a lot of new "babyfood"containers I use my muffin forms. I love these silicone ones from Wondercakes.

Carrot, apple & zuccini baby puree. The absolute best baby puree to start with. Your baby will love it! To get the recipe, visit my blog:
See the plant? It's a celery stalk i put in a glass of water, it grew roots and I planted it!

I see a lot of pins on pinterest, where people have used icetrays for freezing the puree's. However icetrays aren't really made for containing "hot" food. Keep in mind to wait until the puree is cool, to pour it into the icetrays.

What I love about using the muffin forms, is that it's function is to contain food. So you don't have to worry about BPA's or any other harmful substance around your baby's food. And don't you just love the little heart shapes?!?

When they are frozen solid, I take them out of the muffin forms and store them in marked freezer bags.

What was the first puree you gave your baby??

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Declutter your home DAY 4

Day 4 of my "How to declutter your home in 4 days" - guide. Go to my blog and see the full guide for free.

Day 4 is finally here, we’re almost done! We’ve tackled the wardrobe, the bathroom, the kitchen and now your WORKSPACE!

I am a fanatic hoarder when it comes to my workspace. I’m actually a very orderly person, EXCEPT when it comes to this place. I somehow find energy in being surrounded by a “little” chaos. I know, sounds crazy! But there is such a thing as organized chaos, I swear! I know exactly where everything is!!

But because I am going back to work after a long maternity leave (1 whole year!!! – where did the time go?!?), it was crucial for me that my workspace was tidy and ready for me to go back to work.

Last year my husband remodelled our upstairs. We wanted more room, so he moved our staircase from the front of our house to the middel so we could utilize room in both ends of the house. And in doing so he freed up room to make a great work-from-home space for me (and a study area for himself!). It’s amazing and I’m very happy with it. The only downside is there isn’t much storage space, so I have 2 halfsized bookshelves and 2 drawers for ALL my stuff. And my books alone are in 8 moving boxes… sooooo…. as you can imagine it’s quite cluttered.

Not anymore! And here is how…


How to declutter your home in 4 days. This is day 4 - 12 things to get rid of in your workspace! Read my guide to a clutterfree workspace.

My workspace was full of bad conscience, half finished projects and they kept stopping me from starting new ones – because I felt so bad I wasn’t finished. Now my conscience is clear and I’m ready to go back to work!! Or well at least my workspace is…

It’s sad having to go back to work – but my little Dianna so LOVES her daycare, that I know it’s only me who has the problem, not her!

Still…. Wish me luck!!

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Declutter your home DAY 3

Day 4 of my Declutter challenge: How to declutter your kitchen!

Today I have enlisted some help. Our kitchen is quite big and holds alot of storage space, and I really wanted to get it all done, so my dear hubby was only too happy to help! He is very practical and usually doesn’t get to help me “design” the kitchen space, so this time he jumped at the oppertunity. And I must say he had some very good ideas – things I hadn’t thought of myself.


So my first tip for decluttering is definetly, do it with someone else! They may see things from an entirely different perspective then you and that can be incredibly helpful! Brian had some good ideas to make the flow in the kitchen more natural – for example all coffee-things by the coffee maker, my baking stuff in drawers close to each other and so on. It freed up alot of counter space and we even got a whole cupboard for Diannas things now! I can’t believe we didn’t do this earlier!

We got rid of 2 whole bags!!! TWO?!? (and yes there are still things left in our cupboards) 🙂

Are you tired of your cluttered house? Follow my guide to declutter your home in 4 days.

I LOVE my kitchen now. Actually it’s one of the places in the house I spend most time (next to my bed!), so of course it’s important that it’s well organized and feels spacious. I try not to have too many appliances at any given time, simply because I know that in the long run we won’t use them. My husband LOVES buying new fancy machines though.

The one appliances I absolutely couldn’t live without is my Kitchenaid!! Next to brian, it’s my true love!

What is your favorite kitchen appliance?

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Declutter your home – Day 2

Want a cleaner, more tidy home? Follow my guide on how to declutter your home in 4 days. This is day 2 and we're decluttering the Bathroom.

Alright! Yesterday I tackled my wardrobe and today it’s my bathrooms turn. I am soooo bad at throwing things out – even actual garbage. We’re talking empty containers of creams and deoderants. They just sit in the cupboard taking up space. Well – no more!

I find it very important to be organized in my bathroom. We don’t have much storage space, so every inch counts.


I bought a couple of small baskets for bobby pins, scrunchies and all the small stuff that goes everywhere if you’re not careful, and I try to organize things together in the cupboards, for example one cupboard for hair products, one for body products and so on. We have two drawers close to the toilet, and that is where I keep lady-products like sanitary pads, tampons and of course toilet paper (Noone wants to have to run around after that when it’s needed!)

We each have a drawer, but my husband doesn’t really need one. He just has his toothbrush, shaver, deoderant and 1 perfume… talk about low maintinence! And I don’t complain, as I get alot of space. But now with a little girl growing up, I’m sure that will change soon.

There are many ways to declutter the bathroom, I decided however to go cupboard by cupboard. And boy was I ruthless!! I am a sample collector and I had quite the collection, but somehow I never really get them used, so again they just sit there, taking up space. All gone now!! (pat on my back!)

Another way to declutter can be to take everything out of the cupboards and start all over organizing them. This could help to give you a new perspective of what does where. If I had more time, I would have liked to do this, but oh well, that will have to be for next maternity leave hehe

12 things to get rid of in your BATHROOM! My guide to decluttering your house in 4 days and start the new year in a clutter-free home!

The bathroom is one of those places where I am so strict – I hate clutter in my bathroom and everything should have a space! Our bathroom is quite small, so organization is key.

What do you do to keep your bathroom organized??

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Declutter your home in 4 days!

This is the year, I feel it! This is the year I finally declutter the house!

I won’t say that we’re hoarders, we just have a lot of stuff! We see function and possibility in everything, and that just makes it tough to get rid of it because:

You know with a little new paint or varnish, this chair could be brand new…

This lamp might be needed in the future – better hold on to it….

Does this sound familiar? I bet we’re not the only ones.

Of course with only 5 days left of my maternity leave, I have plenty of time to get it done before going back to work. (read with a very sarcastic voice!) To make it simple, I decided to focus on one area of the house for each day left.


Trying to be more tidy - well a good way to start is with a total decluttering of your house. I did my whole house in just 4 days - go to my blog to read how:

I feel like I am constantly washing clothes, but they never end up in the closet, because there’s simply NO ROOM! So the clothes just sit on the sideboard table and we get our clothes from there, instead of going to the closet and then I wash the clothes again!?!…A stupid stupid circle!

So in hopes of finally using our actual closets again, I decided it was time to say goodbye to the clutter! You know, I still had clothes in my closet from my TEENS?!?! It was way past time for a good purge.

If you’re having a New Years purge too, here are 12 ideas for things to get rid off in your wardrobe.


12 things to get rid of in your wardrobe! My guide to decluttering your closet for the new year!

Most of all, be honest with yourself.

Are you really going to use this item again or are you just holding on to it?

I really have a hard time letting things go, but today I am quite proud of myself. I filled a whole bag for donation and another to toss.

Now my wardrobe is full of things I actually wear – and there’s even room for a new piece or two!!

How to start daycare right!

Start daycare right! A guide to the best start in daycare, how do you give your child the best start? Read my blogpost, to learn the details.,

The date of disaster is nearing!!!!…..

Just kidding… or well kind of. For me the date of disaster is coming closer. I know it’s not really DISASTER, but it stings a little to know, that it won’t be me putting Dianna down for naps or feeding her lunch and enjoying her wonderous smile all day. I am really going to miss her!!

BUT that being said, I can sense that she is ready for more stimulation. She loves it when we visit her daycare-mother Helle and she loves interacting with other children – she is ready! It’s just mommy here who’s having a tough time getting ready to let go.

How do you give your children the best start of daycare? To see how I handle it, visit my blog:

One of the things that really eases my mind though, is that she is going to be in a household, loving environment, and Helle has made a great plan to start her in the daycare, so it won’t overwhelm her.

The first day was today, and we came early in the morning at 7.30 and stayed to play, and left when it was time for her first nap, just around 9.00; so not too long. We’ve been to visit a couple times, and Dianna loves it and today was no exception. 🙂

If you are looking for a well-thought out plan of how to start daycare right – look no further!


How to give your child the best start in daycare

First day: New surroundings

How do you start your child in daycare - what are the best steps to take? Read my blog and get inspired,

Your child and you need to become accustom to the daycare surroundings, other children and caregiver. You will come for a short visit in the morning, when your child is fed and rested. The visit should last from a ½ to 2 hours, and you’ll stay and play with the other children. It’s important that you stay for as long as your child is having fun, so it will be a good experience for your child and the other children as well.

Second day: Learning that mom/dad will come back

Today you come inside and play for a while, until your child is calm and having fun (this takes about 10 to 30 minutes). Then you say goodbye and leave. It’s important that you say a proper goodbye, so your child knows that you are going and will be gone. You will be gone from anywhere of 10 minutes to an hour, and in this periode we’ll be in close contact via text message, so you’ll know how it’s going. I will call you when it’s time to come back.

Third day: Learning to say goodbye

Children need to learn to say goodbye to mommy and daddy, and that they will come again to collect them. It's an important step in my guide to a great start en daycare. To read more about it, visit my blog:

This time you won’t come inside to stay. You will say goodbye in the entryway. It’s best with a short goodbye, so your child doesn’t get too upset and sad. If they start to cry, be comforted by knowing, that they will stop soon after you leave. Children get anxious and feel unsafe if you delay the goodbye, and they can feel you don’t want to say goodbye to them.

Your child will stay for a couple of hours. If your child cries a lot, I will send you a text message, when they’ve stopped, so you can feel at ease. I will call you when your child is tired and it’s naptime or if your child is VERY upset. Today your child won’t eat or sleep in the daycare. It’s therefore important you come when your child is fed and rested.

Fourth day: Eating in the daycare

Today you will arrive ½ to 1 hour before lunch, and your child will each lunch with the other children. It is normal for the child not to eat so much as usual, but your child can also be inspired by the other children and eat more then usual. We will be sure to take good time to eat. You collect your child after lunch, so you can go home and feed him/her if she didn’t eat and then put her down at naptime.

Fifth day: Sleeping in the daycare

"Sleeping in daycare"- one of the steps in my guide to a great start in daycare. To read the full guide, go to my blog:

Today you will deliver your child in the morning (at least before 10). Your child will eat lunch with the other children and sleep in the daycare afterwards, either the morning-nap or afternoon nap, depending on your childs rutines. I will send you a text message, when it’s time to collect your child. It’s important, that I be the one to take your child up from naptime, so they learn that mommy and daddy won’t arrive after they’ve slept. It will be best for the child to wake and stay and play with the other children for some time, and if possible a diaper change and some afternoon food as well, so that when you collect her, she will be rested, fed and happy.

Sixth day: All ready to go!

Your child is now ready to stay for a whole day in daycare. If it’s possible for you, it would be a good idea, to keep her days in daycare short for the second week, as she will probably be quite tired. If you are still on maternity leave, try to keep it to 3-5 hours at a time.

Helle, our daycaregiver is a mother of 4 and before she started her own business as a privat daycaregiver, she worked as a teacher for many years. What drew me towards choosing Helle’s daycare for Dianna, was that “her” children spend a lot of time outside playing in all weather, they play with instruments and enjoy music every day and she feeds them primarily organic foods. She has some great recipes on her website!

Her website is here: Helle’s organic daycare (be warned, it is in danish though!)

Helle's organic daycare - Diannas daycare. To read more about it and her guidelines to a good start for your child in daycare, visit my blog:

Now I am not saying that this is the only way to start daycare right – but it sounds like a great plan to me! What do you think?

I will let you know how it went next week – so stay tuned!!

What would be your best advice for other mothers, whose child is starting daycare/childcare?

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New Years Eve

My husband and I have an arrangement with some friends of ours, and we always spend New Years Eve together – or well we have done at least the last 3 years and this will be the 4 th. This year we have invited a 3 rd family along and some of our single girlfriends – and we will be all of 14 people; 8 adults and (yikes!) 6 children, 2 dogs and a partridge in a peartree….

In Denmark our Queen adresses the nation at 18.00 and it’s customary to see her speech on TV and it kinda kickstarts NYE for most families.

The danish queen giving her new years speech. To read more about my new years traditions, visit my blog at:

This year we will be serving:


Tuna-mousse with homebaked rolls


Main course

Beef filet with roasted potatoes, mushroom sauce, roasted green beans and a cabbage salad

(brian makes a killer mushroom sauce – and i’ll be sure and get the recipe on here asap! – but beware, lots and lots of cream!)



White chocolate mousse with berries

Delicious white chocolate mousse with berries. Our traditional dessert for New Years eve. What are you having for New Years Eve?


Late night snack

Tapas with cheese and veggies.


We, as hosts, prepare the food and people bring their preferred drinks; red or white wine, spirits or beer or even soda… (!!) hehe

We all have children, so there’s no drinking til the break of dawn, but we have good fun and the kids enjoy eachothers company.


The Parcel Game

Every year we each bring a parcel, and we play a parcel-game after dinner. We roll a dice (sometimes 2), and anyone who rolls a “6”, can pick a parcel from the table. After all parcels have been distriputed, we start a random timer (usually we put some random eggtimer on), and we roll again. This time if you roll a “6”, you can pick a parcel from anybody at the table. When the eggtimer rings – you get to keep the parcels in front of you. It’s great fun and sometimes it gets very competative and 1 or 2 parcels are very much in demand….

I can highly recommend it as a party game – especially with children


Another New Years tradition of mine is buying a new dress. I don’t spend very much money on clothes or personal items during the year – but for New Years I splurge a little on myself. However I always buy something, that I know I will use again during the year – so not something over the top… (for the most part…)

Here are a couple that I’ve got my eye on at the moment

New Years Eve dresses from ASOS that I am considering buying for NYE 2017. To read more about my new year traditions, visit my blog at

I absolutely LOVE ASOS and their CURVE and plus size collection. I feel that they are one for the frontrunners for letting plussize women wear fasionable clothing, without having to look old or too covered up. Their clothing is feminine, pretty and trendy. I’ve bought from their online shop a couple of times, and have never been dissatisfied. Also they have just started to offer free returns in Denmark!!! Very nice!

1./ 2. /3. /4.

 5. / 6. / 7.

8. / 9.

I really really like the white dress – nr. 2 – but I just know that it would only be white for about 20 min. and then I would have spilled something or Dianna would smudge her hands on it somehow… so that’s not really an option… but hey a girl can dream, right hehe

I think it’s going to be nr. 6 or 8…. but I just can’t decide….


Which is your favorite?

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